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Sunday 4th November 2018       byron temple june 2018 set up

I am super excited to announce another amazing day at the beautiful sacred space, Temple Byron!

The theme at this event is on releasing and reclaiming our spiritual power. This will be done with the loving guidance of our Spirit Guides, Angels and helpers.

As 2018 comes to a close, this is a perfect opportunity to release and reset our energy,

So, refresh your connection to Spirit by coming together with like minded people for a magical day working with your angels, guides and loved ones in the Spirit World in the beautiful setting of Temple Byron.

Together we will heal, clear and uplift our energy fields to gain clarity and inspiration. We will create loving intentions making room for fresh energy to move forward in our lives.

• Connect with your Spirit Guides, Angels and helpers
• Release blocks that are standing in your way to increased happiness
• Experience medium demonstrations
• Heal, balance and align your energy
• Receive messages from the other side

Enjoy a release ceremony!
byron temple circle
Liz has set a powerful intention for this workshop. Your heart will leave fulfilled and deep inner shifts will take place!

Trust your intuition, if your heart is saying you need to be there, you are being called!

LIMITED PLACES contact Louise, details below

Price; $100 to be paid in full before the day

When Sunday 4th November 2018
Time; 10.00am to 4.00pm
Temple Byron
46 Melaleuca Drive
Byron Bay
Lunch, water (or be prepared to drive to buy food)
Coffee, tea and biscuits cake provided
Dress for comfort

Louise Telfer; 0423853597 or email

About Liz

Born in 1961 in Melbourne, Australia, Liz had a passion for nature and spirituality in her early teens and began to seek out alternative spiritual views and practices. Liz attended her first psychic development class at the age of 16 and from there studied various esoteric sciences.

Liz spent time in an ashram environment in the late 1970’s studying meditation. By her early 20’s she was a qualified astrologer. Liz opened an esoteric bookshop in Melbourne in the 1980’s called the ‘Self Discovery Shop’ Liz studied with a medium for four years learning the art of communicating with those who have passed.

Since then, Liz has had over 30 years of experience with one on one readings and teaching. In 2008 she completed her Diploma of Professional Counselling, specializing in grief and loss. Liz is also a Reiki Master. Liz has had several newspaper columns over the years bringing inspiration to her readers. Liz has studied with Doreen Virtue the ‘Angel Lady’ and also author and Spiritual Teacher, Denise Linn. Liz published her memoir in 2013 ‘For the Love of Spirit A Medium Memoir’ and her second book “Gifts of Guidance Fifty Messages’ in 2017. Liz intends to continue writing.
Liz has recently graduated as a Holistic Life Coach from the Foundation of Holistic Coaching, run by best selling author Alan Cohen.

Below are some testimonials from previous ‘Day with Spirit’ events.

‘I was lucky enough to go to Liz’s workshop, the day was amazing. When I came home I was sharing the day with Mum , the ripple effect of the healing I received is ongoing . It felt like the healing meditation healed not only us but the healing was sent out, it felt like we were making a difference on a world level and it was empowering to send love and healing in that direction .’ Kerri McElgunn

‘Liz’s Temple Byron days are an invitation into Spirit and ourselves for learning, reflection, healing, inspiration and remembering’ Rosie Bookallil

‘I have been to Liz’s workshop many times and have always come away with so much gratitude for Liz as she has a special gift and the way she presents herself. Liz brings so much love support and the love spirit has for us. You will walk away with ways to connect to spirit easily as Liz gives us tools to work with which I use myself everyday. You won’t be



Held over two Sundays on October 14th & 21st 2018.

Reiki Level 2 is for those who have already received their Reiki Level 1 certificate and want to continue their Reiki journey. In Reiki 2, you will be introduced to 3 of the 5 traditional Reiki Symbols and learn how to apply these symbols to your reiki healings and to your life. There is also a focus on enhancing your intuition and distant healing. Once you have received your Reiki 2 certificate, you can set up a professional Reiki practice if you choose to. There will also be guidance around this in the course.

The cost is $350,to be paid beforehand although installments are accepted. There are very limited places! If you would like to book or find out more please contact Liz via messenger or email info@lizwintermedium or mobile 0437080748

Times; 9am to 3pm

Where; Brunswick Heads Community Centre, South Beach Road Brunswick Heads.


Reiki Certificate Courses

Liz runs regular Reiki Classes teaching Levels 1, 2 and 3. Liz can also teach Reiki privately.

Level One is where you are attuned to the Reiki healing energy and are taught how to heal yourself and loved ones. The attunement to this energy can only be activated by a Reiki Master.
Once activated not only do you have constant access to universal healing energy for yourself and loved one but you are also put on a natural spiritual journey that brings awareness and empowerment. You are also provided with many notes and resources, for all levels.
The cost for Reiki One in a workshop is $250 which runs over two days, usually two consecutive weekend days. The cost for Reiki 1 privately is $350.
Pre requisite; a sincere desire to learn
Level Two is where you can expand your experience of Reiki as a professional healer if desired. Reiki two involves learning how to use sacred symbols of Reiki for healing and also for distant healing.
The cost for Reiki two in a workshop is $350 which runs over two days, usually two consecutive weekend days. The cost for Reiki 2 privately is $450.
Pre requisite; Attained Level 1 Certificate
Level Three is for those who want to teach others the Reiki System and those who take Reiki very seriously. If you are ready, Liz will create a personalized training program to suit the individual.
Reiki 3 Workshop price is $450 and taught privately is $550. Pre requisite; Attained Level 2 Certificate and a desire to teach Reiki

You will receive a Certificate for each Level.

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‘I got so much from your reading for me, so much comfort! My grand daughters as well. Thank you so much! We hope you continue to give your god given gift to all who are trying to handle their grief & loss as you did for us.’
Val, Queensland.

Val , Queensland
Leonie Welgus

Liz Winter accurately predicted not only the birth of my son two years before he was born but also the hair colouring and personality. The guidance received in a reading with Liz is always useful in helping to map out life pathways and confirm thoughts and ideas. Liz’s readings are always uplifting and inspiring and have helped me a great deal.

Leonie Welgus , Williamstown, Vic
John Sevenoaks

I would whole-heartedly recommend Liz Winter to anyone seeking insight and assistance negotiating life’s challenges and opportunities. I have had readings from Lizzy over the past eight years. I have found her to be one of the most accurate, down to earth and compassionate mediums I have ever consulted. From my own experience, the most useful and grounded way to use the unique talents of mediums is not to seek answers from them but use the information they provide to aid in finding those answers within yourself. From this perspective, Lizzy’s readings have been invaluable. Therefore, if you find yourself at a juncture in your life, and believe wise, accurate and insightful information conveyed compassionately, would be of use, don’t hesitate to arrange a reading with Liz.

John Sevenoaks , Sydney
Gehan, Sydney

I have been speaking with Liz for the last couple of years. When I first contacted her it was to clarify a lot of things in my life. Apart from sorting out so much, I came always feeling peaceful, despite the highly anxious state I was in before that. I regularly speak with Liz now, more so, I feel for counselling purposes than anything else although the accuracy in my readings always helps in guidance. Liz offers a non judgemental and therefore safe place for me to explore where I am in my life journey and where I am going. What I love about Liz is her down to earth attitude and her genuineness.

Gehan, Sydney , NSW
Celeste Knight, Byron Bay

I have experienced much grief in my life. Liz first read for me ten years ago and accurately described my son in Spirit and bought through his name. This bought me enormous comfort to know he was okay. Over the years Liz has continued to inspire and uplift me through her work and I highly recommend her as a genuine and gifted medium.

Celeste Knight, Byron Bay , NSW
Cindy Lismore

I had just started out on my spiritual journey when I went and did one of Liz’s Angel Workshops, it was excellent information to help shed some light on things. It also gave me some great techniques on how to connect and protect yourself. Liz made the whole room feel warm and safe. I then went on to have a reading with Liz and she connected me to my guide and gave me answers to help me on my spiritual path. If you are ready to connect to spirit or need some direction in life, in a safe, warm and loving environment, I can highly recommend Liz.

Cindy Lismore , NSW
Kerry Wright

Liz has a gentle and beautiful way of contacting and speaking with the souls around us in spirit. From the first few moments of a reading she did for me during a very difficult time in 1989, I have trusted and deeply appreciated her assistance. After my mother’s death, and the shock death of one of my students, I was comforted and felt amazingly reassured and nurtured by what their spirits were able to say to me, though her.’
‘Liz’s work has a beautiful symbology, that has touched my heart with its simplicity and accuracy.

Kerry Wright , Teacher and Humanitarian
Tracy Qld

With great gentleness and kindness Liz reconnects us to Spirit and to ourselves. Her readings always have resonance for me – and often it is not until years later that I realise the truth of them. She is a true Light Guide for our path.

Tracy Qld ,
Marguerita Byron Bay

Thank you for the beautifully loving, compassionate, insightful humorous fun and non judgmental teachings and ‘non ego driven’ holding of the classes you teach. You are wonderful.

Marguerita Byron Bay ,
Rosie Bookallil

After having experienced what had been diagnosed as vertigo, since May, 2010, I had an Angel Reiki healing with Liz in January, 2011, and had an attack as I way lying down on the table. When Liz asked me about it, I told her that I had been having these episodes for eight months, and she said, “we can fix that”, and that was that!
It wasn’t until I noticed at my Pilates class a few weeks later, that I was no longer experiencing the dizziness that had previously been there when I moved from side to side, that I realised that I no longer had the vertigo!!! Liz was right, that was that, and for that, I am immensely grateful. I would recommend Liz to anyone who wanted genuine Spiritual healing, from a real, down to earth woman.

Rosie Bookallil , Mullumbimby, NSW